Friday , 21 June 2019
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Hi-Tech Solutions Ltd. (HTS), the Israel-based developer of optical character recognition (OCR) computer vision systems, has introduced end-to-end gate solutions for port authorities and operators, cargo railway stations and container terminals.

HTS offer comprehensive end-to-end gate solutions

HTS’s gate solutions include advanced systems for port security, container automation and handling, and automatic licence plate reading (LPR). The offering is based on vision-based container code recognition (CCR) and LPR products, integrated with gate gantries and portals, laser truck profiling systems, gate and pedestal control systems, damage inspection systems, crane prime movers and GPS/EPS matching, among others. HTS has also recently introduced a self-enclosed CCR gantry which increases efficiency and decreases maintenance costs.

The solutions are tailored to meet customers’ exact requirements. HTS is offering turnkey solutions to end-users over a variety of security, automation and transportation applications, and local support for HTS distributors and resellers in the Americas and worldwide.

“Ports and terminals are under growing pressure to meet increased container traffic, hold down costs and meet heightened security needs,” said Amnon Katchalski, VP marketing and sales at HTS. “Our comprehensive end-to-end gate solutions portfolio will help customers face these challenges in the most effective manner.”