Friday , 21 June 2019
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Where pressures have to be regularly monitored such as in hydraulic and vacuum systems for lifting and material handling applications and the monitoring of clamping pressures, tecsis GmbH believes that its pressure switches SC400, SC410 and SC420 are the ideal solution.

Tecsis displays its pressure switches

Available with either two switching outputs (SC400), one switching and one analogue output (SC410), or with two switching outputs and one analogue output (SC420), the integrated LED displays provide a continuous pressure indication which, together with the programming buttons, allows the pressure switch to be easily set up.

Switching points, switching mode (NO, NC), and analogue output, can also be easily set while an integrated password ensures that only authorised personnel can change the switching points.

With the display and process connection able to be turned through 330° there is, according to the company, “Virtually no limits for reading and mounting the pressure switches.”

The stainless steel housing meets all parameters of industrial protection class IP65 and with all ‘wetted parts’ for pressure ranges above 100 bar also made of stainless steel, the pressure switches are able to work in harsh environments and practically any medium.