Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Cargotec Port Security’s Straddle Carrier Radiation Verification System (SCRVS) has been awarded the QATT (Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology) designation from the US Department of Homeland Security. The system has received the designation status as part of the Radiation Threat Identification System (RTIS) platform of port security systems now available from Cargotec Port Security.

Cargotec system receives US Homeland Security designation

The Radiation Threat Identification System (RTIS) platform is a group of products designed to enable container terminals to scan cargo and detect gamma, neutron, and X-ray radiation. This platform of products can identify, through the use of proprietary software, the particular isotope source through analysis of the radiation, and distinguish it from naturally occurring radiological material.

A second part of the RTIS platform is a spreader-mounted radiation scanning solution – the spreader bar radiation verification system (SBRVS) – which performs gamma and neutron sensitivity scanning during the movement of the container in ship-to-shore loading/unloadimg.

The system, which has been field-evaluated at the Ports of Charleston and Tacoma under the oversight of the US Customs and Border Protection Service, has been designed to meet the US requirement for 100% inbound container scanning by 2012. Since container scanning is conducted during the normal transit of the ship-to-shore spreader, no extra security step is required. As such, the system is designed to achieve the scanning requirement without adversely impacting terminal productivity.

Field evaluations to date have resulted in the detection and identification of radiological materials at all points tested across the container. An audited analysis of the Cargotec Port Security solution conducted at the US Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory demonstrated 100% accuracy, with zero false positives and zero false negatives.