Monday , 23 September 2019
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A web-based GPRS system, known as ‘TracKing’, offering temperature management to ensure top product quality delivery to customers has been launched by Thermo King as an option with its refrigeration units.

Thermo King launches web-based GPRS system

The system prevents load loss with real time temperature alarm and fuel level notification, as well as two-way remote access to the Thermo King unit. The company claims that these features and the ability to download the data-logger on the TracKing website make it unique in the telematics market. It also offers improved security with GPS location tracking and geo-fencing.

“Customers want a system that combines temperature, vehicle and driver tracking in one user-friendly interface to help them achieve operational efficiencies. This new enhanced TracKing system will do just that all from one source,” said Gayatri Chaturvedi, business director Telematics at Thermo King.

The next step in the evolution of TracKing system will be to add fleet management capability, scheduled to be introduced in the second quarter of this year. This will interface with the vehicle CAN BUS to provide information on fuel consumption, driving styles, journey information and vehicle emissions.

It will also provide fleet managers with a dashboard of cost critical information by trip, by driver and by vehicle, allowing them to quickly gauge the productivity of their fleets.