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On March 22, 2009 the first ‘Transib in Seven Days’ container block train from Nakhodka-Vostochnaya to Moskva-Tovarnaya Oktyabrskaya (9,361 kms) comfortably beat the seven day journey target by arriving six hours early. The Transib project aims to develop an alternative delivery schedule for cargo from South East Asia to Europe.

Transib container train arrives early in Moscow

The container train, operated by TransContainer carried 55 x 40 ft boxes loaded with electrical machinery. Initially shipped from Pusan Portrt (Korea) to Vostochny Port, the containers were loaded onto the train after clearing customs at the Vostochnaya Stevedoring terminal.

The total time taken for the entire journey from Pusan to Moskva (Moscow) was 12 days which was around three times faster than by sea to the European ports. Another train will be shipped this week.