Friday , 24 January 2020
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Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has installed an automatic monitoring system for reefer containers at its Tokyo International Container Terminal (TICT), the first full-scale system to be installed at any Tokyo Bay container terminal.

MOL installs automatic reefer monitoring at Tokyo

The system relies on power lines to automatically transmit information from modems on containers to monitors in the terminal office. The signals travel over the same power lines that supply electricity to the reefer containers.

Until now, the temperature in the reefer container was controlled by connecting a special cable for monitoring or by periodic visual checks. Installation of the new system ensures safe and reliable control of temperature in the reefer container by automatically monitoring over a 24-hour period. The monitored data is stored, so terminal personnel can track time-oriented changes in temperature.

Previous monitoring systems using power lines were subject to interference from the surrounding environment, preventing wide acceptance. But the new system is not affected by interference, and provides accurate, real-time information.

MOL plans to install the reefer container auto monitoring system at its operated container terminals successively, in Japan and overseas.