Friday , 23 August 2019
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SICK (UK) has introduced the LMS 111 - a highly accurate security, safety and presence detection laser sensor system that provides significant benefits for use in ports and harbours due to its ability to avoid false signals.

Laser technology sets new standards

The LMS 111 is a compact laser sensor with a short to medium range of up to 20 metres and wide 270Ëš detection fields. It eliminates the need for transmitter / sensor pairs and the expense of associated wiring. It is easy to mount and set up on site and can be precisely configured for up to ten defined fields.

The use of double pulse evaluation technology enables the system to eliminate distracting minor beam reflections, such as dust on the sensor surface, rain or fine water spray. It will also provide effective detection through heavy spray and can be mounted behind glass if required.

“The LMS 111 is fully IP67 protected against marine environments, and is ideal for presence detection duties such as sensing stationary or moving vehicles from cranes, on entrance barriers and rail line crossings, as well as on external security and protection,” says the company’s laser sensor systems product specialist Tim Stokes.