Thursday , 22 August 2019
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A report just issued by the EU Commission is critical of US legislation that aims to enforce the scanning at foreign ports of all containers destined for the US. According to the EU it is impractical and cannot be the way forward.

EU Commission critical of US plans for 100 percent box scanning

The document points out that, if 100% scanning of exports was implemented in European ports it would be excessively costly, would be unlikely to improve global security, would absorb resources currently allocated to EU security interests, and would disrupt trade and transport within the EU and worldwide. It suggested that as an alternative, priority should be given to investing in enhancing multi-layered risk management systems for targeting and inspecting dangerous cargo, and to strengthening international cooperation to facilitate this process.

According to the report, with global maritime shipping routes forming the backbone of international trade, strengthening the security of the supply chain via effective security measures is a major EU priority. However, implementing 100% scanning would require sizeable investments and significantly increase transport costs.