Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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US company AxleTech International, a General Dynamics subsidiary, has introduced a new axle for heavy-duty empty container handlers.

New wheel end technology reduces tyre operating costs

The axle incorporates wheel-end technology that can reduce tyre wear by as much as 60%. The patented XTL® (extended tyre life) allows independent rotation of wheels during a turn, thereby minimising tyre scrub, which is the main cause of tyre wear. In addition it can extend drive-axle tyre life by up to three times and steer-axle life by one-and-a half times as well as eliminating the need for tyre rotation.

Mary Petrovich, general manager of AxleTech International, said, “We have successfully completed extensive laboratory and field testing on this new product at locations across Europe and North America. The benefits contribute to reduced vehicle downtime and major improvements in transport efficiency.”

The XTL is available immediately for both new and currently operating heavy-duty container handling units and it will be highlighted at the BAUMA 2010 trade show in Munich, Germany, later this month.