Friday , 21 June 2019
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Spain’s’ Port of Algeciras Bay located experienced a 6.2% raise during Q1 with a total throughput of 16.9m tons compared to the corresponding period in 2009. Containerised goods reached 9.4m tons (+15.8%) with container volumes increasing by 6.9% to 739,244 teu.

Three Q1 results

In the same comparative period, Lithuania’s Port of Kláipeda handled 7.4 m up 14.2 % (918,00 tons) with the biggest growth recorded in bulk fertilisers, ro-ro cargo and containerised cargo which was up by 234,100 tons.

In Israel’s Port of Haifa 5,245,000 tons of cargo were handled, an increase of 15% with container volumes increasing by 14% to 297,319 teu, up from 261,880 teu in Q1 2009. Container import volumes were up by 18% to 148,000 teu while exports increased 9% 149,000 teu.

Mendi Zaltzman, Haifa port CEO, noted that the port has not only enjoyed an increase in volumes but also in container productivity which has now reached 25 teu moves/crane hour.