Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Recognising that whatever the economic climate safety remains a top priority at container terminals, Bromma has expanded its spreader safety products portfolio with a new load sensing system for spreader twistlocks.

Bromma expands its spreader safety products portfolio

According to the company, Bromma spreaders now have a better ability to identify container overloads, the understatement of container weight and out of balance eccentric loads – all of which pose known safety risks at terminals.

The new load sensing system joins a full and expanding portfolio of other safety solutions also available from Bromma.

The Bromma TTDS twin-twenty detection system enables a crane operator to detect a gap between two 20 ft containers in a 40 ft cell – a real risk, and a potentially dangerous lifting situation. While other spreader manufacturers have offered mechanical solutions, Bromma says that it was “the first to market, and is still unique today, in its use of a seven photo-electric sensor, solid state architecture to detect gap risks.”

Bromma has a fully automatic OSX45 overheight frame that is handled by the crane, which keeps ground service staff out of harm’s way. Moreover, Bromma spreaders include failsafe logic and interlocks to prevent accidental container unlocking.

“Bromma customers don’t cut costs when it comes to safety. Safety isn’t an afterthought, it’s a first thought. We understand this at Bromma, which is why safety considerations always play a strong role in our spreader design decisions,” said Lars Meurling, Bromma’s vice president, business products.