Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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The UK Port of Felixstowe has taken delivery of the first shipment of ZPMC RTGs for its new Felixstowe South Terminal.

Felixstowe welcomes first RTGs for its new South Terminal

The new ‘eco-RTGs’ are the same size and have the same capabilities as the most modern equipment on the port’s Trinity Terminal. With a lift capacity of 40 tonnes, each crane is capable of spanning seven container stacks, and able to lift a container over five-high stacks.

The incorporation of ‘eco’ technology will reduce emissions by an estimated 40% with corresponding saving in fuel and noise pollution. The savings are achieved through the use of a hybrid drive system, developed by Siemens, which is based on a finely tuned variable speed diesel power pack.

The hybrid drive is based upon the technology and drive systems already successfully marketed on buses, especially in the USA, where there are over 700 such vehicles in operation. Not only does the system reduce fuel consumption but it also allows a smaller sized power pack to be fitted, reduces engine maintenance, gives a long engine life, eliminates high speed engine idling, and reduces the maintenance of the electrical drive components.

The cranes, which were manufactured by ZPMC in Shanghai and transported fully erect to Felixstowe, will undergo a commissioning and testing process before becoming operational on South Terminal.