Friday , 21 June 2019
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On a recent visit to Brazil’s Port of Itajaí, Pedro Brito, the secretariat of ports minister announced that US$91m is to be allocated to the Port’s reconstruction programme under the Brazilian government's PAC 2 (Growth Acceleration Programme.

Port of Itajaí to receive U$91m for development

Minster Brito said the reconstruction will cost an estimated US$85m with works on Berth 4 completed by June and on Berth 2 by August 2010.

The reconstruction programme will comprise improvement works on the whole dock area infrastructure as well as a berth alignment to allow vessels optimum accessibility.

In addition the programme will also encompass the acquisition of new fire-safety equipment, plumbing for the effluent sewage system, electrical wiring and electricity, new pavements and the installation of a comprehensive surveillance system.

“This infrastructure upgrade is of vital importance to ensure the best use of our existing and new container handling equipment in full compliance with the regulations,” said André Pimentel, Itajaí’s technical engineer.