Monday , 23 September 2019
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The Port of Gothenburg welcomes the Swedish government's proposal in the recent fiscal policy bill for improved tax conditions for biogas and Onshore Power Supply for vessels and hopes that the announcement will lead to greater use of the system.

Gothenburg welcomes tax proposals for vessel power supply

Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg’s CEO said that the government announcement is extremely positive. “Apart from customers who already use this technology having considerably reduced costs, I believe the decision will lead to further operators linking up. Onshore Power Supply will now become a more financially attractive alternative.”

The Port was the first in the world to offer high-voltage, Onshore Power Supply for vessels and the method has since spread to other ports around the world. At present, around 20% of vessels that put into the Port of Gothenburg are linked to the system.

The Port offers ro-ro vessels and ferries operating scheduled services a free link up to Onshore Power Supply under the standard arrangement within 12 months. All quays that are being redeveloped, renovated or constructed are provided with ducts for Onshore Power Supply. A further two facilities are currently being built for Stena Line traffic. The port is also working actively to establish an international standard.

“As a result of the proposal, Sweden is showing a good example and we hope that other countries will follow suit. This is what is required for this technology to become more widespread and reinforces the work being done at the port with the aim of becoming an environmentally smart link in the logistics chain,” said Kårestedt.