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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Port of Itajaí to receive U$91m for development

On a recent visit to Brazil’s Port of Itajaí, Pedro Brito, the secretariat of ports minister announced that US$91m is to be allocated to the Port’s reconstruction programme under the Brazilian government's PAC 2 (Growth Acceleration Programme. Read More »

UK reliance on the sea highlighted by volcanic ash crisis

Recent scare stories in the media about food shortages as a result of the recent ban on flights to and from the UK were blown apart yesterday by Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco, who stated very clearly in an interview with the BBC News channel, that disruption to their supplies was minimal and only 1% of its produce was flown in by air. Read More »

Three Q1 results

Spain’s’ Port of Algeciras Bay located experienced a 6.2% raise during Q1 with a total throughput of 16.9m tons compared to the corresponding period in 2009. Containerised goods reached 9.4m tons (+15.8%) with container volumes increasing by 6.9% to 739,244 teu. Read More »

Kaohsiung is gearing up for the future

Kao Ming Container Terminal Corporation (KMCT) which is constructing two container berths (108 and 109) at the Port of Kaohsiung International Container Terminal (Phase one) under a Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) agreement signed with the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau in 2007, has recently taken delivery of five new automated RTGs. Read More »

Ministerial signature clears the way for Haifa and Ashdod IPOs

Israel’s Finance and Transportation Ministers have signed the ports user rates reform prospectus to alter the service fees charged by Israel's ports. In addition, the ministerial signature clears the way for the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) by the country’s Haifa and Ashdod port companies. Read More »