Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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The ports of Baltimore (Maryland), New Bedford (Massachusetts) and Canaveral (Florida), have been selected for further study and analysis by the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) for its ‘Marine Highway’ programme.

Ports selected for US marine highway study

The three ports have formed a partnership and proposed what is called the ‘East Coast Marine Highway Initiative’.

MARAD received 35 applications from by ports and various transport bodies, selecting eight projects as eligible to apply for immediate funding. Six additional initiatives, including the East Coast Marine Highway Initiative, were selected for additional research and the chance to apply for funding later.

The purpose of the study is to identify routes where water transport presents opportunities to relieve landside highway corridors from traffic congestion and reduce air emissions.

The partnership between the ports of Baltimore, New Bedford, and Canaveral would develop a marine highway that would link the northeast, mid-Atlantic, and southern regions of the US and provide an alternative for transporting freight along the 1,000-mile Interstate 95 corridor.

MARAD will work with the partnership to further research and analyse the initiative.