Saturday , 18 January 2020
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Royal Seaforth Container Terminal at the Port of Liverpool has invested in International Terminal Solutions (ITS) G-POS real time location system for its fleet of 34 straddle carriers.

G-POS achieves 30% improvement in vehicle turnaround times

The first phase of implementation saw the system applied to the road interchange, with vessel operations to be phased in over the coming weeks.

Its implementation has already achieved a 22% increase in available stacking area, with productivity increasing by up to 20%. Overall, the system has helped the terminal improve vehicle turnaround times by 30%.

G-POS replaced an existing GPS position determination system (PDS) to allow the terminal to meet the operational reliability and advanced connectivity required for a terminal operating system (TOS) upgrade, which happened at the same time.

“Our previous technology didn’t allow us to progress with our TOS upgrade requirements”, commented Gareth Jones, Seaforth’s planning and operations manager.

The ITS system is based on the modular G-POS package including a middleware message routing system that allows each straddle carrier to report its location in real time, issuing automatic job step reports to allow the TOS to make strategic equipment utilisation decisions.

Drivers are provided with a real time location as to where their carrier is, the container move instruction and its target destination via a colour touch-screen in either text or graphical formats.

The middleware component allows the straddle carrier based G-POS to connect to the management and supervisory systems, allowing the differential GPS correction data to be transmitted to the carrier without the use of secondary radio frequencies. In addition it also allows remote monitoring and control via the internet.

The Customer Support Centre, based at ITS main offices, can rapidly access G-POS and utilise the onboard diagnostics, ensuring high availability of the system.

David Huck, head of port operations for Peel Ports Mersey, said, “Liverpool is now recording the fastest turnaround times of any UK port, with 95% of truck drivers processed though the port within an hour, and 65% within 30 minutes – a 30% improvement on previous performance.”