Saturday , 18 January 2020
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Linde Material Handling has made the strategic decision to transfer its heavy truck business in the US to its Linde North American operation. “Our objectives are twofold; to strengthen Linde’s position in North America and to improve its market presence” Francesco Chinaglia, managing director of Linde’s Heavy Truck Division explained to CM. "Following the recent economic crisis, the launch of the new forklift trucks series 1401 and 1402 will ensure that we have suitable products to generate new opportunities for growth.”

Linde Material Handling transfers its US heavy truck business

The launch of these new forklift products will complement Linde’s existing heavy truck range of container handling equipment designed for ports and terminal operations.

In recent weeks there have been rumours in the market regarding the partnership between Linde MH and its dealer Mi-Jack in Chicago, USA. Mi-Jack has terminated the contract with Linde Material Handling which was due to run until April 2011. “In the business world such instances occur on a daily basis and both parties have reached a mutually amicable agreement,” said Detlef Sieverdingbeck, Linde’s new Head of Corporate Communications. “Other representations surrounding this situation are totally unfounded.”

With regard to a Mi-Jack future partnership it is understood that negotiations are currently being finalised with Terex to handle the distribution of Terex products in the North American market. It is understood that Mi-Jack will represent all Terex products throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Panama, although doubt exists regarding Noell’s straddle carriers as the company is fiercely protective of its separate identity within the group.