Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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An increasing volume of Maersk's freight at the Port of Gothenburg is being moved by rail, including short-haul movements. The company even have their own rail shuttle.

Maersk continues its focus on rail

The volume of rail freight moved to and from the port has increased steadily during the past decade, with Maersk opting for rail rather than road transport.

“We are aiming to expand our use of rail even further,” states Karl Jivén, sustainability manager at Maersk Line Scandinavia, adding, “Back in 2003 we reached a decision in principle that if it was physically possible and that the transport distances were in excess of 300 km, all our containers to and from the Gothenburg would be transported by rail”.

Now rail is also used for shorter transport distances.

The decision was followed by a number of measures aimed at increasing capacity and now Maersk makes use of around 20 rail shuttles, with the shuttle to Granudden (close to Gävle, north of Stockholm) operating as a pure Maersk shuttle.

Rail accounts for around 75% of the Maersk seaborne containers passing through the Port of Gothenburg – more than double the 2003 figure – with an annual carbon