Charleston moves to common gate model

Charleston moves to common gate model

All interchange lanes where trucks are checked in and out at the port’s three container terminals will be operated by Charleston Gate LLC, a company created by local stevedoring companies and contracting with the SCSPA. At the same time, SCSPA will assume management and operation of all container storage yards and lead all customer service functions in both the yard and the lanes.

This public-private partnership between SCSPA and Charleston Gate will simplify and consolidate all gate and terminal processes. Charleston will now feature common hours of operations, cargo cutoffs, holidays and procedures at its container terminals.

The new ‘common gate’ is designed to create a simplified system for customers and users by harmonising operations at all the container terminals, offering extended gate hours and enhanced management of container storage yards. In addition, it will allow all customers access to SCSPA’s information systems and will reduce processing times, improve accuracy and increase gate productivity through standardised procedures across all terminals.

With the single-gate system, all container yards will operate under SCSPA’s ‘common use’ model. Previous ‘licenced user’ arrangements (APM/Maersk, Ceres/Evergreen and Ceres/CKYH) will end, with clients incorporated into the new common gate operation.

Charleston Gate will staff inbound and outbound truck gates with members of International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) Local 1771, who currently man licenced user gates. ILA Local 1422A will continue to provide on-terminal container and chassis maintenance services.

Private companies will continue to provide vessel stevedoring using ILA Local 1422 labour, and SCSPA employees will continue to operate all container-lifting equipment in the yard and on the dock and will manage all storage yards.

The single gate system will be complemented further with the implementation of a new terminal operating system (TOS), part of which is a centralised gate processing centre for gate staff.

Implementation of the new, US$17m TOS begins in February.