Saturday , 18 January 2020
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The capital approval for the dredging work to deepen both the turning circle and the Itajai-Açu approach channel (from -11 to -14 m) to Brazil’s Itajaí Port Complex has been signed by the new Minister of Ports, Leonidas Cristino, in a ceremony in Itajai in the presence of the State Governor and City of Itajai Mayor.

Itajai’s imminent dredging programme

The US$32m capital dredging investment has been allocated by the National Dredging Program (PNG).

Jan De Nul, one of the world’s largest dredging groups was awarded the contract and its 223 m long Charles Darwin hopper dredger of 30.500 cu m carrying capacity has already arrived in Itajai and will soon start operations. The brand new dredger is the largest and most powerful ever to operate in Brazilian waters.

A smaller dredger will also be used to carry out works alongside the river banks and in some other smaller and shallow areas which the hopper dredger is unable to access.