Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Liebherr’s new mobile harbour crane which will be presented at TOC in June is the successor to the LHM 400 and bridges the gap between the LHM 550 and the LHM 280. The LHM 420 will be available in two variants with maximum lifting capacities of 84 and 124 tonnes. With a maximum radius of 48 m the LHM 420 has been designed to handle a variety of cargoes including containers, bulk material and heavy loads from vessels up to post-Panamax size.

Liebherr launches a new mobile harbour crane

According to the company, the LHM 420 sets new standards for large handling equipment: the unique cruciform undercarriage system for example, “is unrivalled in terms of stability and operational safety” and the utilisation of the tubular, lightweight tower design reduces corner loads by 12% compared to the LHM 400.

The LHM 420 is the second product to be equipped with Liebherr’s new Pactronic® hybrid drive system and follows the LHM 550 which was introduced in 2010.

Liebherr points out that apart from its environmental advantages, the Liebherr Pactronic® also increases handling performance: hoisting power for example, is doubled resulting in hoisting and lowering speeds also increasing by up to 100%. In terms of productivity, a machine equipped with Pactronic handles the same quantity of cargo in 30% less time compared to a conventional machine with an equal power rating of the primary energy source.

In addition to the significant savings in energy, maintenance and labour costs, berthing time is reduced by 30% allowing vessels “to gain time to ship their scheduled routes, resulting in lower speeds and lower fuel consumption through slow steaming.”

With a corresponding 30% reduction CO2 exhaust emissions, Pactronic® will also give customers a favourable advantage if and when pollution taxes are imposed.

In the years to come, “our efforts will not only concentrate on making our cranes more economical and safer, but at the same time, we will implement sustainable concepts and ideas in close collaboration with our business partners to provide the technical solutions for the future,” said Leopold Berthold, Director Mobile Harbour Cranes/Reachstackers, Liebherr-Werk Nenzing.