Sunday , 19 May 2019
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South Africa’s Transnet Capital Projects has ordered three Konecranes RMG cranes for intermodal operation in the City Deep Container Terminal in Johannesburg. Scheduled for delivery in 2012, the cranes represent Konecranes first container handling equipment order for South Africa.

Konecranes receives its first RMG crane order from South Africa

City Deep Container Terminal is a key link in South Africa’s complex logistic network. It is the largest of the six major inland terminals, strategically located to connect with the ports in South Africa. The containers unloaded at various regional ports are transported to City Deep Container Terminal by rail before being dispatched by truck to their final destination.

The new RMG cranes which will be used loading and unloading containers between train and truck will reduce the operation time on each train and increase terminal productivity. They are equipped with Active Load Control, already in operation in over 500 RTGs and 120 RMGs. Active Load Control provides advanced anti-sway features and horizontal fine positioning, without hydraulics. They have a lifting capacity of 41 tons, lifting height of 11.5 m and a span of 22.5 m and are equipped with a rotating trolley.

Konecranes’ local branch in Johannesburg will take care of the local support and the preventive maintenance of the cranes during the first year of operation as well as a RailQ inspection on the crane tracks. RailQ is a new Konecranes product that gives three dimensional measurements of the rails, ensuring that the track is according to tolerances.

Vernon Kretzschmar, Procurement Lead Gauteng, Transnet Capital Projects, said “We look forward to the operational improvement and efficiency offered through Konecranes’ advanced product offering.”