Liebherr for Illichevsk

Liebherr for Illichevsk

The STS cranes have a waterside outreach of 50 m, a span of 21m and a landside backreach of 12 m. Total lift height under spreader is 35 m.

SWL is 50 tonnes under telescopic spreader and 57 tonnes under hookbeam and hoist speed is 52-130 m/min, trolley speed is 18 0m/min and crane travel speed is 45m/min

The 16 wheel RTGs stack one over six containers high and span seven containers plus a truck lane. SWL is 40.6 tonnes under telescopic spreader: hoist speed is 28-56 m/min, trolley speed is 70 m/min and crane travel speed is 70-130m/min.

All cranes have Liebherr A.C crane drives.

Liebherr upplied its first STS cranes to the Ukraine during 1992 followed by a further three STS cranes in 2007, 2008 and 2009, all at the Port of Odessa.