Friday , 20 September 2019
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In June this year Liebherr-Russland and Lukoil–Kaliningradmorneft signed a contract for a new combined mobile harbour and offshore crane to be delivered by in 2012.

Liebherr’s new TCC14000-400D Litronic® crane

The new TCC14000-400 D Litronic® crane is designed for two different applications: in harbours to lift heavy loads up to 400 tonnes or driven onto a floating installation (barge) and used as an offshore crane.

The 400 tonne lift capacity crane with maximum outreach of 70 m, a maximum lift height of 68 m and weighing 1,100 tonnes, will be available in the autumn of 2012

The crane was developed using existing technologies from offshore crane and mobile harbour cranes. For the undercarriage, the drive technology of a Liebherr mobile harbour crane was combined with a newly designed steel central X-shaped structure to which four outriggers are mounted. For travelling, the base structure is fitted with the 48 wheel sets of a conventional Liebherr mobile harbour crane.

During operation, the crane is propped up on support units situated at the end of the outriggers. The dimensions of the support base are 22 m x 22 m. Using a large number of wheel sets and large supporting pads, the crane achieves the low ground pressure of a standard mobile harbour crane not only while travelling but also during operations

The TCC 14000-400 D Litronic® was developed under close consultation between Lukoil–Kaliningradmorneft and Liebherr–Werk Nenzing GmbH. In autumn 2011 project documentation for the new crane was completed and production is now underway.