Monday , 23 September 2019
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Colombia’s Santa Marta International Terminal Company (SMITCO), a joint venture between Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta and Manzanillo International Terminal - Panama, S.A is currently in the first phase of terminal development. With completion scheduled for mid-2012, phase one includes two post-Panamax ship-to-shore gantry cranes, four RTGs and an 8.7 hectare container yard with a capacity of 300,000 teu per year, expanding to 420,000 teu in a second phase.

SMITCO ramps up with Tideworks

With need of a terminal operating system (TOS) that would provide various value-added services to a project that anticipated significant growth, SMITCO chose Tideworks’ Spinnaker Planning Management System® as a stand-alone system and since its implementation the terminal has witnessed a significant increase in vessel productivity.

In addition to Spinnaker, SMITCO chose Tideworks’ Mainsail Terminal Management System® to manage inventory, control gate activity, to exchange information with customers and stakeholders, improve billing processes, and further boost productivity.

“Before the introduction of Mainsail and its billing module, our terminal handled 30-35,000 moves per year. Now, at a current annual throughput of over 60,000 moves, we are billing more than double the amount we did previously with the same number of people. As our volume grows to a projected 90,000 moves per year, we fully expect to be able to handle the growth without the need to hire more staff,” said Jaime Sasso, general manager of SMITCO.

Providing added value

In addition to the services provided during the implementation, Tideworks delivers value-added services in several key areas. First, it provides SMITCO with full-service EDI management allowing the terminal to effortlessly exchange messages with its existing customers and quickly bring new customers online. Second, Tideworks helps ensure that the SMITCO system is always up and running at peak performance, from remote system health monitoring to database and OS administration. Lastly, Tideworks provides 24/7 technical support and free software upgrades as part of its “Platinum Maintenance and Support” programme.

“Tideworks is the only TOS supplier that is able to provide SMITCO such a broad range of services,” said Sasso. “This allows us to remain focused on our core business of moving freight through the terminal (and) we have been able to enhance customer service and focus our IT staff of only two people on local solutions.

On the Horizon

SMITCO is continuing to look toward the future and intends to deploy Tideworks’ Traffic Control™ electronic dispatch system as well as its GateVision® automated gate solutions in the next phase of terminal development. Traffic Control will help replace paper work instructions and excessive radio chatter with the automated transmission of electronic work instructions to container handling equipment, enabling SMITCO to optimise these resources and reduce operating costs. GateVision will streamline the terminal’s gates and reduce trucker turn times, thereby further enhancing customer service levels.

“Tideworks systems have allowed us to grow the business in an orderly manner, as they give us greater visibility into our operations and help us maintain absolute control. That translates into improved customer service, which at the end of the day is what we sell,” Sasso concluded.