Tuesday , 28 January 2020
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A new comprehensive automated gate system that includes an in- and outbound optical character recognition (OCR) camera portal and multiple self-service kiosks has been commissioned at the Moerdijk Container Terminal (MCT) in the Netherlands by CAMCO Technologies.

CAMCO automates MCT

Data generated at the OCR portal and the kiosks is sent to the terminal operating system (TOS) through CAMCO’s gate operating system (GOS) software suite. This verifies the location and type of the load while the driver is in turn recognised by a RFID card similar to the Cargo Card used in the Port of Rotterdam before receiving a printed load instruction at the kiosk.

MCT requested an additional feature, whereby the outbound OCR camera portal requires the same driver identification procedure, including the addition of a hand scan at the kiosk to ensure that the correct container leaves the terminal.

Luc Smits, managing director at MCT said automating the gate procedure would see a much larger throughput of trucks and containers at the facility.