APM Terminals wins the Lazaro Cardenas Terminal bid

APM Terminals wins the Lazaro Cardenas Terminal bid

Phase I will comprise an investment of more than US$300m to build a 43 hectare container yard, a 650 m quay with two berths, an administration building, warehouse, gates and modern on-dock rail facilities to serve growing intermodal cargo volumes to Mexico City and north up to Monterrey. The terminal will be equipped with five Super post‐Panamax ship‐to‐shore gantry cranes with 23 wide reach and 17 Eco-RTG’s, a fleet of trucks and other specialised equipment. Operations are scheduled to commence start in Q1 2015.

The terminal will undergo phased expansion according to the concession agreement and market demand. Once construction of the final phase is completed, the terminal will comprise a total area of 102 hectares with 1,485 m of quay, four berths and a channel and alongside depth of 16.5 m. 900 jobs will be generated during the construction phase and more than 550 jobs during the first phase of operation, excluding indirect jobs in the area.

The on-dock railyard is a key feature of the terminal which is being designed to allow shipping lines to pre-stow intermodal cargo for direct transfer to rail which is not an option presently offered at other terminals. The rail tracks will be parallel to the berth and remote rail mounted gantries (RMGs) will transport boxes from berth to rail. Future phases offer the potential of rail service to the US Gulf once rail capacity and infrastructure is in place for a border transfer by the rail provider.

APM Terminals, which also operates Mexican inland transportation and storage depots in Ensenada, Lázaro Cárdenas and Manzanillo, has partnered with Mexico’s largest construction company, ICA that will have a 5% share in TEC2.

The existing container terminal in Lazaro Cardenas is the Lazaro Cardenas Terminal Portuaria de Contenedores (LCT) which is operated by Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH).