Thursday , 23 January 2020
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Maersk Container Industry (MCI) has taken the concept of controlled atmosphere (CA) a step further by integrating a membrane system into the Star Cool Integrated Reefer. Now, with additional production capacity, CA is affordable and available for more MCI customers who will be able to ship fresh produce to even more distant markets.

Star Cool CA is ready for new markets

“The CA acquisition cost is lower, and customers will in addition save money on operations as cost per trip is kept to a minimum,” says Anders Holm of MCI Sales and Marketing. “Controlled atmosphere allows customers to enter a whole range of new trades.”

Further improvements are on the way. Until now, focus has been on bananas and avocados, but on-going tests at MCI include most lower-respiring cargos.

The extra benefit is clear to Sten W. Hansen, who is a proclaimed “big fan” of MCI’s controlled atmosphere. He is Category Manager in Dansk Supermarked, a grocery chain with 1,300 stores in Northern Europe and about 1.3m customer transactions every day.

“In the future, we will require all container deliveries of bananas to come with controlled atmosphere,” he says.

Controlled atmosphere (CA) enables the monitoring and control of the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside a reefer. This means that perishable produce can be transported farther, and for a longer time, yet still arrive in a fresh and pristine condition, ready for supermarket shelves. To date more than 20,000 Star Cool reefers with CA have been sold