Friday , 17 January 2020
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Konecranes President & CEO Pekka Lundmark will relocate to Singapore in August for approximately one year to support the development of Konecranes’ operations in emerging markets.

Konecranes President relocating to Singapore

The company stresses that Lundmark’s ‘temporary’ relocation does not lead to any changes in Group’s operational structure, including the group headquarter functions in Hyvinkää, Finland, or Asia-Pacific headquarter functions in Shanghai, China.

According to the company, a continuously growing share of the growth in world’s industrial production and logistics investments takes place in emerging markets in general and in Asia in particular.

“A strong senior management attention to the requirements presented by these customers is vital to success in our business. My main objective with the relocation is to build a personal contact network among customers and other decision makers in Asia and better understand their thinking, plans and needs,” Lundmark explained.

Last year, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 21% of Konecranes’ net sales and its relative share has tripled during the latest ten years. The company has approximately 3,000 employees in the region, representing about 26% of the Group’s total personnel.

In China and India it operates a totals of seven plants, including joint ventures, manufacturing hoists, industrial cranes, lift trucks, and port cranes. Emerging markets in total generate about one-third of Konecranes’ net sales and as much as a half of Business Area Equipment’s revenues.