Thursday , 23 January 2020
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Terminal tractor manufacturer Mafi has successfully introduced a multi-trailer system (MTS) to ICTSI Manila, with the delivery of six tractors for use at its new container handling terminal. Each MTS consists of one tractor and three chassis led by a single axle semi-trailer and two drawbar chassis.

Mafi multi-trailer system for ICTSI

This kind of transportation system is designed to provide the perfect combination between high efficiency capacity and smooth product handling, according to the company. It adds that such a system reduces investment, lowers maintenance costs yet provides a high reliability.

The specific design provides high stability and, therefore, allows high payloads. Each container chassis can carry either 2 x 20’ or 1 x 40’ standard ISO-Container. The total payload for this MTS is approx. 180 tonnes.

The fifth wheel of the MT 30 tractor model has the capacity to pull up to 32 tonnes; its chassis consist of a reinforced design for greater durability. In addition, the vehicle’s cabin is ROPS/FOPS certified for greater safety. To ensure a safe and efficient driving the tractor’s steering angle has to be limited to approx. 13° in order to achieve the perfect wall to wall radius of 14 metres.