Thursday , 23 January 2020
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The Cagliari Port Authority has approved a 90% decrease in anchorage dues for this year and 2013, even though the port has not yet received funding from the Italian government.

Anchorage dues dropped by 90%

Announcing the changes in dues, Piergiorgio Massidda, president of the port authority said, “We decided to decrease the anchorage dues directly using our resources and with the help of Region Sardegna in order to immediately improve our level of competitiveness,” adding that he expected Rome to honour its funding commitments to the port.

The move to discount the tariff has been taken to offset the strong competition in the Mediterranean, especially from North African ports. Cagliari believes that without such a move the comparison in rates is likely to remain unfair due to different management costs and taxes paid by such ports.

The discount is available to shipping lines that call at the port at least 12 times a year, with not less than 75% of the cargo having to be transhipment cargo.