Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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The Government of Montenegro has decided to privatise the Kontejnerski Container Terminal and General Cargo (CTGC) joint-stock company at the port of Bari, sell its shares and allow a concession for the use of the port area. With the privatisation the Government aims to develop its port sector and generate additional economic activity. The privatisation will be funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Concession bids sought for Bari port terminals

As a result, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs is now inviting prospective bidders to submit an Expression of Interest to apply to be qualified to bid for the CTGC the project)

The container and general cargo terminal is to be operated under a 30 year Repair, Finance, Operate, Maintain and Transfer Concession Agreement (RFOMT) with bidders being offered an exit possibility after the three years restructuring period.

The Project comprises:

a. Restructuring CTGC
b. Installation of container handling cranes and terminal equipment
c. Repairing terminal infrastructure;
d. Operation and maintenance of the terminal facilities
e. Transfer back of the terminal assets at the end of the concession period.

The Project will be awarded through international competitive public bidding following the rules and procedures prescribed under the Law on Concessions – Jan 2009. The bidding for the Project entails a two-phased procedure with a qualification phase and proposal phase. In this qualification phase, prospective bidders will be selected based on minimum financial requirements regarding the company and terminal development and operation experience set by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. Only bidders who qualify shall be invited to bid for the Project.

Prospective bidders are required to provide a US$500 fee to order the Information Memorandum with the requirements for the qualification by latest July 1, 2012. Prospective bidders must submit the hard copy qualification document before 16:00 August 1, 2012. Contact: