Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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A new look in both its outer perimeter and internal areas is emerging at the Port of Manta, with the completion of five out of nine works in which the State has been developing since October of 2011, representing an investment of approximately US$5.5m.

Manta improvements pass half-way stage

Part of this work included the installation of an electronic security and surveillance systems for operational and administrative management of the port. A total of US$530,000 has been invested in licence plate recognition cameras, smoke detectors and alarms.

Other work required the replacement and repair of bollards, comprehensive patching and resurfacing of roads, slope repair and construction of fencing. General adjustments and civil works were also undertaken, along with the construction of two new weighbridges.

Director of Investment Projects of APM, Leonardo Bowen, said that the works were expected to be concluded between August and September on other areas. This includes an electrical substation, replacement of lighting, cleaning and repairing the storm sewer, signage and building the control tower, as well as repairs at the fishing pier.

\”All this investment, supported by the national government, is aiming to refurbish the existing infrastructure and port security, which in turn will enhance the quality, reliability, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of port services,\” said Rodolfo Cano Mure, manager of APM.