Friday , 23 August 2019
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Navis has released its latest advanced terminal operating systems (TOS), SPARCS N4 2.4, representing what the company calls, “a substantial evolution from previous platform releases, increasing interoperability, supportability and flexibility”.

Navis unveils SPARCS N4 2.4

“In the SPARCS N4 release 2.4, we have significantly enhanced the technology to simplify the inner workings of the SPARCS N4 platform,” says Frank Kooijman, vice-president of engineering, adding that upgrading will ensure that terminals are able to achieve a competitive advantage.

Navis list the major enhancements to SPARCS N4 2.4 as:

Improved TOS Infrastructure: Additional functionality has been added in response to customer integration needs. Industry standard Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) using Java Message Service (JMS) will improve internal and external communications across terminal subsystems.

Additional Customs Data: EDI improvements help terminals to provide additional data that is required for customs. These improvements will allow customers to avoid costs and penalties that they may encounter without these changes.

Better Monitoring: Integration with Hyperic will enhance monitoring capabilities within the TOS, specifically health monitoring of terminal operations, which will improve reliability in terminals.

Enhanced Customisation Support: More efficient plug-in support will enable quicker implementation of custom functionality to support the user’s business requirements. This will make integration with other technologies easier, and enable new functionality at a lower cost and with less risk to our customers.

Greater Flexibility, Supportability and Implementability: By embedding the JMS based ESB, communication is improved within the TOS. Enhancement of external and internal subsystems makes the TOS easier to use.

Support for Self-Implemented TOS: By incorporating an improved installer, terminals can better facilitate self-implementation of the newest TOS. This will allow them to easily upgrade to a new release as soon as it comes out.