Friday , 23 August 2019
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The decision this week by Maersk Line to end all calls to ports in Iran after has been welcomed by the pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), the organisation that has been campaigning against the line’s operations to the country since July 2010.

Maersk’s decision to end Iranian calls welcomed

The USA blacklisted the Iranian port operator Tidewater Middle East Co (TMEC) in 2011, at which time the shipping line suspended most of its operations at several ports last year.

Its latest decision to cease transporting food and other essentials commodities to the people of Iran through the small northern port of Bushehr, was made in the face of increasing sanctions imposed on Iran by the west. It is understood that Maersk will retain a non-operational presence in the country.

Recently Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, the Russian and Korean maritime registers of shipping, along with ClassNK, have all stopped certifying Iranian vessels.

In a statement, the UANI said, “Following its interim business decision to suspend its work in Iran, Maersk has finally made the right decision and fully ceased its shipping there. As a result, Iran will now be even more isolated from the rest of the world, as the world’s largest shipping company has declared it closed for business”.

“Iran’s shipping industry is in free-fall as insurers, classification societies and shipping companies cease their business as the regime continues to defy the international community’s diplomatic efforts to end its illicit nuclear program. The few shipping companies that continue doing business in Iran are complicit in the regime\’s unlawful actions and should pull out immediately,” said UANI CEO, Mark Wallace.