Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Hutchison subsidiary Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) has launched a new BEST-Pamplona Express rail service connecting the Spanish city of Barcelona with Pamplona 480 kms away. Pamplona also has good connections for transporting cargo to/from Navarra, Basque, La Rioja, the Iberian Peninsula and southwestern France.

Spain’s BEST rail service

According to the company, shippers and logistics operators in Pamplona will have access to the same services as if they were in the Port of Barcelona including customs inspection, consolidation/de-consolidation and container depot services.

The BEST-Pamplona Express runs three weekly connections in each direction between the Pamplona (Noain) rail terminal and BEST. The trains have a capacity of 62 teu with a transit time of 20 hours.

BEST operates Spain’s largest on-dock rail terminal comprising eight tracks of 750 m, making the Port of Barcelona an important gateway for cargo en route to south and central Europe.