Thermo King introduces advanced genset

Thermo King introduces advanced genset

The unit, which will be available from the first quarter 2013 in both clip-on and under-mount configurations, demonstrates fuel-efficiency, low cost of ownership and best-in-class performance, while exceeding the toughest environmental regulations in place today.

“We designed the new SG-4000 series to offer standard, rather than optional, sustainability improvements in response to customer feedback. This solution reflects the commitment of our customers to environmental stewardship,” said Pietro Sonza Reorda, portfolio leader for Thermo King global marine solutions. “The technology offers environmental compliance now and in the projected future, around the globe.”

The new genset engine utilises a high-pressure common rail to elevate fuel pressure to approximately 20,000 psi (over 1,360 standard atmosphere), eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) by removing particulate matter residues and emissions within the cylinder itself. This includes a reduction of 90% in particulate matter and a 37% reduction in nitrogen oxide from the interim standards that have been in effect since 2008.

As a result, the engine runs cleaner and avoids the costs and complexities of a high-maintenance after-treatment system. It also offers an advanced user-friendly SG+ microprocessor controller.

“The new emission regulations are moving the marine transport industry towards the next level of environmental technologies,” said Cesar Villalba Armengod, global project manager for gensets for Thermo King.

“The new SG-4000 offers customers an innovative product range which exceeds industry expectations in terms of efficiency and sustainability, while continuing to address ever-important power generation requirements.”

The existing Thermo King SG-3000 genset line will continue to be available for customers who wish to make a progressive transition into the new SG-4000 gensets.

SG-3000 gensets manufactured in 2013 will meet the EPA’s requirements under the Transition Program for Equipment Manufacturers (TPEM). TPEM engines are exempt from EPA Tier IV emissions standards and have a full useful life in North America except within California where it has a seven year life cycle with respect to compliance with the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM), beginning with the 2013 model year.