Sunday , 17 November 2019
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In June this year, Terex Port Solutions launched the new Gottwald Model 2 harbour crane as the first crane in its ‘Small Crane’ family. Model 2 also includes a new crane type based on mobile harbour crane technology - the G HRK rubber-tyred portal harbour crane. This new crane type blends the mobility of the classic rubber-tyred mobile harbour crane with the benefits of a drive-under portal solution.

New type Gottwald rubber-tyred portal cranes for Indonesia

Just as the test phase was coming to a close, Gottwald received its first order for three of the new GHRK 2304 rubber-tyred portal harbour cranes from an (as yet un-named) Indonesian terminal operator. These cranes are due for delivery in March 2013 and will be employed mainly for handling containers and general cargo.

According to Gottwald, key factors in the customer’s purchasing decision were the performance ratings of the crane coupled with the drive-under capability of the portal, making it possible to organise cargo-handling activities in relatively restricted quay facilities.

Designed for smaller river and seaports
The Gottwald Model 2 crane has been specifically designed for use in smaller river and maritime ports. With its maximum lifting capacity of 80 tonnes, a radius of up to 40 m and hoisting speeds of up to 120 m/min, the crane has excellent parameters for container handling alongside vessels up to feeder class. Gottwald is offering its newly launched Model as a two-rope or four-rope grab variant with two hoists allowing bulk handling with ship sizes up to Handysize.

As with the Model 3 harbour crane that was launched two years ago, the drive system on the Model 2 is based on three-phase current. Crane owners can opt for the energy-efficient and environmentally compatible hybrid drive or a hook-up to a quayside power supply. Further optional features designed to enhance ergonomics and increase productivity include radio remote control, an internet-based information and diagnostics system and a range of intelligent driver-assistant functions.

As with all the cranes supplied by Terex Port Solutions, Gottwald’s Model 2 is available in a number of different types: as a classic G HMK mobile harbour crane, as a G HSK portal harbour crane, as a floating crane (G HPK harbour pontoon crane or G HSK portal harbour crane on a barge) and, for the first time, as a G HRK rubber-tyred portal harbour crane, a completely new crane type. The standard portal provides clearance height of 6 m and a clear width of 9.5 m, which means that terminal transport vehicles can easily pass beneath it in two lanes. Thanks to its tight turning circle and even on-the-spot turning, it is a highly manoeuvrable machine that can travel quickly and be positioned alongside the vessel with ease.

“Compact harbour cranes that also provide high-performance handling for smaller quays are in demand worldwide. The fact that we were able to record the first order from a key customer in the region so quickly after market launch, confirms the appeal of the underlying concept of the Model 2 crane,” explained Klaus Röhrig, regional director, Asia Pacific.