Monday , 27 January 2020
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As part of a multi-year contract worth more than US$5m, Klinge Corporation will produce 60 of its military refrigerated A-frame containers for Sweden’s armed forces following acceptance testing at a state of the art US test facility.

Klinge Corp to produce 60 reefers for Swedish military

The container passed a multitude of US Military Standard (MIL-STD) tests that included vibration, electromagnetic interference, low temperature and high temperature operation.

For vibration testing, the container was transported over a variety of surfaces at speeds varying from 5 to 35 mph simulating intermediate and severe off-road and cross-country conditions.

As part of the electromagnetic interference testing, the container met CE 102 requirements—power leads (10 kHz to 10 MHz). The system also withstood subtest CS114 testing— bulk cable injection (10 kHz to 200 MHz) without sustaining damage or degradation in performance. The container was also tested to MIL-STD radiated emissions and susceptibility tests.

For the low temperature operation testing, the container maintained an internal temperature of 55ºF throughout the 24-hr cold cycle (ambient temperatures ranging from -6ºF to -21ºF). For high temperature operation testing, the container maintained an internal temperature of -4ºF throughout the 24-hr hot-dry cycle (ambient temperatures ranging from 90ºF to 122ºF).

The Klinge military refrigerated container comprises a refrigeration unit, generator set, an A-frame container and features integrated hydraulic rollers allowing for easy loading/unloading and a manually operated hydraulic pump.

“Successful completion of these military tests showcases our equipment’s ruggedness, durability, and reliability which are of vital importance in tactical environments,” said Klinge Corp sales manager, Jason Flynn.