Monday , 23 September 2019
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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and computer vision systems provider HTS, is to implement OCR systems on 53 cranes spread over four terminals for the Port Authority of Panama (AMP). The company will be working with the Panamanian IT consulting company Advanced Consulting, who will prime the project.

HTS to provide Panama OCR systems

The automated system is being implemented to provide additional and irrefutable support to the payments made by the terminal operators to the Panamanian Port Authority, in compliance with today\’s government \”Contraloria\” requirements.

Currently, there is no system to audit data and the introduction of an automated system will enable a streamlined solution to be provided. Additionally, audit statistics regarding the movement of containers will be available in real-time, whereas currently the information is provided on a monthly basis.

The crane OCR systems will capture, recognise and read the specific number unique to each and every container during discharge and load operations, without human intervention, as they are handled by the ship to shore cranes.

Since the Panama Port Authority is primarily interested in automating the counting of container moves and each container is only counted once although handled twice (discharge and load), it is critical for the system to accurately identify the container number.

The system is so designed that terminal operators will be able to pursue additional functionalities associated with the OCR systems in the future to automate business processes on the waterside operations.