Friday , 20 September 2019
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APS Technology Group has been selected by TraPac Inc. to provide complete optical character recognition (OCR) technology for every entry and exit point for its newly redesigned automated terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. The system will help TraPac meet its goal of becoming the first fully automated marine terminal in the United States.

APS solutions for TraPac automated terminal

To complete its transition to full automation, the system will be deployed at all TraPac’s gate, crane and rail areas. The 18 truck gates will have portal systems, complete with high-resolution OCR imaging technology.

The terminal will also install OCR on ten ship-to-shore cranes being modified to add secure platforms to accommodate the world’s largest container ships while ensuring human safety.
This solution will combine cameras mounted on the platform and crane legs to image the container and enable automated identification and door direction of each unit handled.

APS will also deploy two rail OCR portals and its patented Rail Tracking System, which will automatically identify train inventory, line order and track location of all container-laden railcars as they enter, exit and move within the rail yard.

“TraPac has long embraced technology in our facilities to help deliver more efficient and safe operations for our customers and employees,” said John Alvarez, director of IT at TraPac.