Revolutionary container increases volume and payloads

Revolutionary container increases volume and payloads

Externally, the ‘20-20 SeaCell’ container looks like a conventional ISO 20ft shipping container. However, by being exactly 20ft (6096 mm) in length and 2426 mm wide internally, it is possible to use 100% of the floor area.

This means that per tier, 15 Euro-pallets can be loaded instead of just 11, while 12 standard ISO pallets can be loaded, two more than in a similar conventional container. The actual internal dimensions of a conventional 20ft container are 19ft 10½ ins (6058 mm) long x 7ft 7¾ ins (2330 mm) wide.

In addition, the unit’s door opening is 2408 mm wide, allowing a forklift truck to load two or three pallets at a time.

Two 20-20 containers can also be easily locked together from the outside to create a 40ft container, again with greater internal volume, adding six more pallets than in a standard 40ft box. According to the company, it is also possible to mix Euro and standard pallets and still have 100% pallet utilisation.

The units are fitted with larger corner castings typically used in flatracks, enabling them to be lifted by standard spreaders, either singly or as a pair. Activating an integral locking mechanism securely locks two 20-20 containers together, to be lifted as a single 40ft unit.

In the standard configuration the two boxes are joined at the front ends, with each set of doors accessible If required, when moving high value or sensitive cargoes, the locking mechanism can be located at the door-end corner castings to effectively seal the two units until reaching their final destination.