Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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A new software system is being implemented in the US to structure and fully automate overweight permit procedure for deliveries of reefer containers.

Overweight reefer permits made easy

Trucking in the US is strictly regulated in terms of weight and weight distribution, but individual state limits are frequently higher or lower than federal ones, shifting the parameters and configuration of loading and making it difficult to define the maximum weight. As a result many cargo shippers opt, understandably, to play it safe, loading under a general limit to avoid additional charges and thus losing the benefit of reducing the total freight cost per shipped tonne.

The system, from Belgium-based logistic service provider Foodcareplus™, advises cargo shippers on navigating the convoluted weight limits set by federal and state governments.

A few days prior to arrival of an inbound reefer, Chicago-based Universal Logistics Solutions International Inc. that operates Foodcareplus USA, uses the system to work out the correct maximum weight based on the regulations of each state throughout the shipment route and processes permits with the Department of Transportation in each one.

The programme developers claim that the system, called MaxWeight, can reduce freight cost by up to 8%.