Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Kiel’s intermodal RTG arrives
The new RTG arrives at the Port of Kiel

Kiel’s intermodal RTG arrives

The Polish-made RTG, with a capacity of 45 tonnes, can span three rail tracks and the loading lane with a height under spreader of 12 m, lifting trailers, containers and swap bodies.

The €1.5m (US$2m) investment in the crane was subsidised through funds of the federal directive for subsidising handling facilities in intermodal transport.   Investment has also been made in new gate and yard IT, while the extension of Berth No. 1 and the construction of a fourth warehouse have also started.   It is expected that the port expansion will be completed next year.

Intermodal transport is gaining importance in Kiel, which last year handled more than 20,000 consignments; to date this year there has been a 20% increase.  Well over 2,500 containers were forwarded on block trains from Kiel to Hamburg via a daily shuttle train, while complete block trains operate twice weekly between Kiel and Verona in northern Italy, which started last autumn.

Dr. Dirk Claus, managing director at Port of Kiel, said, “We are investing into the hinterland rail connection with an aim to further increase the share of rail transport in the port’s modal split”.