Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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The Port of Dunkerque is to provide logistics and industrial businesses with a new area in the Western Port, to be known as ‘DLI Sud’ (Dunkerque Logistique International Sud). The innovative multimodal and logistics project will be developed by the Eiffage Construction Group.

New logistics area for Dunkerque

Covering an area of 75 ha (including 20 ha of natural space), the infrastructure will comprise 96,000 m2 of covered warehouses with storage of containers in automated units, the first of its kind in France.  The multi-modal project will also include 18 km of railway lines.

The expected logistics volumes will ultimately be 850,000 palettes and the equivalent of 100,000 containers, five trains a week and 500 heavy goods vehicles a day.

Christine Cabau, chair of Dunkerque-Port’s executive committee, said, “This new multi-modal facility is central to the development projects for the port’s future infrastructures; it is also fully in line with its sustainable development and action policy”.

“This innovative infrastructure anticipates changes to the logistics chain for hazardous goods and reinforces intermodal operations that encourage the use of consolidated transport modes, said Claude Cadot, industrial development director for Eiffage.  He added, “It meets a specific demand that is not provided for within the present logistics facility”.