Monday , 23 September 2019
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Freeport opts for Terex hybrid drive straddle carriers
Terex hybrid drive straddle carriers

Freeport opts for Terex hybrid drive straddle carriers

The units can stack 9’6’’ high-cube containers 1-over-2 with a 60 tonne lift capacity under spreader and a maximum travel speed of 30 kph and they will be in operation at FCP from May this year.

The Terex NSC E ECO comes with a hybrid drive system comprising both a diesel-powered generator and electrostatic short-term storage media which results in significantly reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions compared to a traditional drive system.

Excess energy recovered during braking and lowering motions is stored in transient storage media (consisting of high-performance capacitors, or ultracaps) and then used for the next straddle carrier work cycle. This technology means that load surges on the primary energy source, being usually a diesel-generator set, can be mitigated while allowing it to run in a smoother, energy efficient manner.

The new units join 25 diesel-hydraulic Terex NSC 644 H straddle carriers which are already in use on the terminal. According to the company, as FCP expands its terminal, particular emphasis being placed on the cost effectiveness and environmentally compatible operation of its container handling equipment.