Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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The effects of the struggling international economy have now reach the German ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven, resulting in total year-on-year throughput declining 13% from 21.7m to 18.9m tonnes during Q1-2013.

Global economy hits Bremen and Bremerhaven figures

The split between the twin ports saw Bremerhaven accounting for 16.1m tonnes (-13.8%) and Bremen 2.8m tonnes (-7.8%).  In containers, mainly concentrated in Bremerhaven, the figures showed a 12.2% decrease from 1.6m teu for the period January to March 2012 to 1.4m teu for the same period this year.

“Our twin ports managed to withstand the negative impact of the poor economic trends in many parts of the world longer than their competitors, but now the quays in Bremen and Bremerhaven are also feeling the effects,” commented Senator Martin Günthner.

He was not prepared to make a forecast for 2013 as a whole, but pointed out that the throughput figures had already started to pick up again after a particularly weak start in January.  This was shown in the figures for container volumes with an upwards trend in February and March.   In January just 448,000 teu were handled, while throughput rose to 466,000 teu in February and 495,000 teu in March.

Günthner concluded: “Although the port has currently lost freight volumes, the throughput level as a whole is still high.”   He stated that he was convinced the ports would be back on track for growth as soon as there is an upturn in the global economy.