Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Hannibal and IMS link Italian ports to Switzerland
The new Milan–Basel service offers competitive transit times

Hannibal and IMS link Italian ports to Switzerland

The service runs between Frenkendorf (near Basel) and Melzo (east of Milan), one of the main industrial areas of Italy, connecting with the daily service provided by Sogemar, Contship’s domestic operation, to Genova (VTE),  Genova (SECH), La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) and  the Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR).  In addition IMS Rail offers the possibility of overnight rail delivery to any Swiss final destination.

The two operators claim the service offers competitive transit times, overcoming delays caused by the heavy road congestion around the Milano and Lombardia regions.

An IMS Rail spokesman said: “The service will allow a better distribution of traffic flows to Switzerland, currently focused on the North Europe range ports, offering an alternative solution through Italian seaports providing effective transit times from/to the Far East markets”.

The trains can handle standard maritime and continental transport units from 20ft to 45ft containers as well as flats and tank; it is also able to accept road trailers, on request, based on the special rail wagons availability.