Thursday , 19 September 2019
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New generation mega-trailer freight wagons
AAE has ordered 100 low-noise, low-wear pocket wagons

New generation mega-trailer freight wagons

The order was announced by the rail wagon leasing company at the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich this week.  In addition to its initial confirmed order, the company has also secured options for several hundred more wagons.

The Twin concept owes its name to the particular construction of the units, which have two identical pockets each able to accommodate a semitrailer, a swap body up to 13.6 m long, a 30’, 40’ or 45’ container or two 20’ containers or two swap bodies up to 7.82 m long.

The undercarriages of both pockets are seated in the middle on a shared bogie of the 34 m long, six-axle wagon; articulation enables the unit to operate on small curves down to 75 m radius.

Roller beams on which containers and swap bodies are seated are designed in such a way that they can be quickly and easily rolled and locked into the correct position by one person. This speeds up handling in the terminals.

Already operating 1,000 ‘Twin I’ wagons, all of which are fully utilised, the company has stated that the latest order has been placed to meet the demands of its customers  who, in addition to containers and swap bodies, are increasingly looking for transport options for mega-trailers in combined road and rail transport.

This has been the fastest growing container transport segment in recent years.  However, because mega-trailers do not fit into conventional pocket wagons due to their larger volume, there are too few wagons available.